What is the role of a dietician and is nutritional therapy effective in treating endometriosis?
Mateusz Klimczak

 Mateusz, it has been scientifically proven that 15% of human health depends on genetics, 15% can be maintained by doctors, and 70% depends on lifestyle. Therefore, we should be aware that we are what we eat, or what we absorb (because this is another problem nowadays). How important and necessary is the role of a dietician?


A dietician should be an advisor, especially nowadays as confusion is very high and food corporations, for whom the profit is the only thing that matters, provide us with products or information on their products which is not based on any research. The dietitian should share unbiased knowledge about healthy products that nourish us and provide us with the ingredients we need. The dietician should also act as a motivator who helps the patient in this extremely difficult process of recovering and restoring the vitality of the body.


 Statistics indicate that 90% of women with endometriosis have intestinal dysbiosis. What is the cause and how can it be remedied?


I would turn this question around and say that intestinal dysbiosis is the source of many diseases. If there is no balance in our bodies and the intestinal symbiosis is disturbed, then inflammatory conditions may predispose to the occurrence of other diseases. In the case of women it is usually Hashimoto, insulin resistance, infertility and also endometriosis. As a remedy, it is necessary to eat products that nourish intestinal bacteria, i.e. prebiotics (mainly fibrin) causing its multiplication in the intestine (the proportion between positive and negative bacteria). In addition, we recommend consuming probiotics in the form of a liquid (so-called effective microorganisms). If you have any doubts about which product would be right, then I am happy to help.


Is it possible to reduce inflammation in the body with properly selected diet?


I am involved in, inter alia, supporting the treatment of endometriosis – a nutritional therapy as part of cooperation with Miracolo Clinic. We have noticed that feeling of pain is reduced in the first weeks after starting the therapy. By reducing the inflammation, the pain threshold is increased which reduces the pain. We have observed with Dr. Olek that patients who decided to carry out nutritional therapy before the surgery, recover more quickly and require smaller doses of pain killers.