“Unbelievable history of conceive”

Just like most young couples, we wanted to have a baby from the beginning of our journey together. The first attempts, of course, were a natural method, because I could not imagine a different one. I have had Hashimoto (hypothyroidism) and I knew it would not be easy, but we did not give up. After a year of trial, my husband persuaded me to visit a physician of the so-called Kinderwunsch (I live in Germany from the day we got married) who deals with various methods of fertility treatment. I would never agree to invitro, but then I was still considering insemination. As with this type of treatment, we’ve got a lot of blood tests, sperm test, etc. The results were not comforting, but the doctor assured us that it would be good. During the cycle monitoring, it was always very difficult to find my ovulatory eggs, always hidden somewhere, practically inaccessible. Oh, well. The first insemination was a huge trauma to me. Not only was it necessary to argue, I was all alone as my husband had to go to work. I felt so unnatural, I cried. How is it supposed to be? Should we have a child together and do all this separately? Not with each other. The insemination did not work out. After this unpleasant experience, we decided to let it go for some time. Almost for a year, I think. Then we decided to try again, this time my husband was with me but the feeling was traumatic, again. I am a Catholic so this type of fertilization was traumatic for me. The approach number two failed. The doctor advised us to do inseminations one after another if they are not successful because then there is a better chance for a good cycle. So, despite the trauma, we decided on the third one. Our doctor went on vacation and we got the substitute who said that my ovaries were unnaturally high and sent me on a laparoscope. I was lucky to find a very young, but very involved and very thorough doctor. During the operation under narcosis, it turned out that I had endometriosis and adhesions, which the doctor carefully removed with laser. We were slightly shocked because in our lives no other doctor took into account that our infertility also results from endo and not only from Hashimoto and weak sperm. After the surgery, I became interested in naprotechnology – the treatment of infertility based on my own body observation and treatment. This is the total opposite of invitro which is often done despite many diseases and conditions. After laparoscopy, I had a great mucus (perfect during fertile days – this is what the science in the world teaches) but unfortunately, I got my bladder cystitis. Well, the good cycle was for nothing. Doctors said that after an operation of endometriosis, you can get pregnant not quicker than within 2-3 months. Unfortunately, we did not succeed. Meanwhile our instructor in naprotechnology has sent us to a doctor dealing with naprotechnology to assess our observation chart and recommend some treatment (from the card it appeared that I have a significant deficiency of progesterone). Doctor Jan Olek (www.miracolo.clinic) stated that before we started the pharmacological treatment, both of us should detox our bodies. We were devastated. We were on hold again, I was 37 years old and not the greatest fan of the doctor’s ideas. Nevertheless, we  decided to have a go. A ton of tests for food intolerance, candida, and blood tested long and wide, and it began. 7 weeks of a really difficult and quite expensive diet (expensive due t the BIO products, low-speed juicers, probiotics, coffee for detox to enemas and water in glass bottles and this is not the cheapest in DE). Difficult, because every day we had 5 different meals, juices,  etc. and you had to cook in the morning before work and after work often until 22 or 23 and then still shopping. We both survived the diet. I would not be able to do it myself, my husband was a huge support. The first month after the diet my mucus was perfect, the menstrual cycle exemplary. Well, fairy tale. We lost weight, we felt great. Unfortunately, despite the great diet, I got bladder cystitis again. We were depressed, we decided to treat ourselves pharmacologically.


Unfortunately, our doctor, Jan Olek, became the deputy head of the hospital and stopped supporting couples to which he did not conduct surgery. We were redirected to a doctor in Lublin – Maciej Barczentewicz from Klinika Macierzyństwo i Życie. We made an appointment. My next cycle was just good, the mucus was working. My cycle was getting longer but as usual, I put the blame on my hashimoto, poor tsh results, etc. We finally went to Lublin. It took us 1 hour to discuss the results, plans for further treatment. The doctor finally got my card in naprotechnology and said: according to the card, you are pregnant! No, not impossible, I replied. And I went for the examination. After one minute of ultrasound, the doctor confirmed his supposition. Diet, good laparoscopy, a lot of prayers (and even a Pompeian novena) made possible out of impossible! I was pregnant. It’s been 7 months. I am giving birth in February. Please, read what miracolo.clinic says about diet and endometriosis. It can be cured! You just need to get to know your body. You need to know what is useful to it and what is not. Have trust in naprotechnology, it’s a beautiful thing and you suddenly feel that you know more about yourself. I am an example that it will be possible, despite the assumption that it will not   Put matters into the hands of God. It works! Sending you warm greetings!


Katarzyna Kokowski