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Graduate of Academy of Physical Education in Poznań and Academy of Physical Education and Health in Radolfzell am Bodensee and training courses in the field of clinical dietetics. Initially associated with sports dietetics, but for family reasons for three years focused on fertility dietotherapy and diet-related treatment of nutritionally dependent diseases. In his contacts with patients, he draws attention to nutritional education and a holistic approach. Privately, he is an enthusiast of a healthy lifestyle and sport. Happy husband and father of two daughters.

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Each new person is an interesting story and a big challenge. Life experience confirms me that there are no unresolved problems. The greatest joy that this work gives me is the ability to see how patients recover and vitality. These effects give me great satisfaction and make me aware that what I'm doing is needed. "

30 październik 2017
 Mateusz, it has been scientifically proven that 15% of human health depends on genetics, 15% can be maintained by doctors,...
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