Karolina Kumor
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I am a professional phytotherapist and teacher. I completed the Totalnej Biologii / Recall Healing courses. For many years I have been teaching women how to naturally maintain a healthy and beautiful body. I collect herbs and prepare preparations that support femininity. I run workshops where I teach which herbs best affect the health of the womb. I teach how to properly purify using herbs. At the workshop we prepare medicinal extracts and dishes from wild edible plants. I show how to make herbal cosmetics that care for beauty and have a healing effect on skin, breasts and intimate hygiene. I help in the treatment of diseases and I care about femininity holistically. I provide individual consultations, supporting the treatment of womb, breast and skin diseases. I use the phytotherapeutic knowledge and methods of Total Biology.

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Privately, I am a fan of the French Cote d'Azur and traditional Slavic herbalism. I have 3 cats and in my free time I dance.

30 październik 2017
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30 październik 2017
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