How does the healing process occur according to Total Biology?
Karolina Kumor

“The right word is the key to everything. When you find a word that fits perfectly, the result – both physical and spiritual – is immediate. “Mark Twain


If the brain decides about starting the disease, the brain makes a decision to stop it. All that has to be done is convincing your brain that the survival program of the disease isn’t necessary anymore. How to do it? In short, you need to reach the point of total awareness of the situations and feelings which are hidden behind the disease. Total Biology calls it the deep feeling, lying at the very bottom of your unconsciousness, suppressed and forgotten. In chronic and serious diseases, usually several important situations happened. Each of them has brought similar feelings and emotions. Often they reach early childhood and pregnancy time. Going back to those situations, brings emotions, fears, difficult memories  into surface. Oftentimes the process of discovering the deep, rootcauses of the disease, leads us through the history of our family and feelings of our mother from the time of our early childhood. All these things want to be accepted, expressed and finally released. The healing process involves forgiveness, leaving the past behind and setting goals for the future. And above all, loving yourself truly and unconditionally and accepting that your illness served you as the best solution of your brain for your survival.



Conflicts of many diseases has been already described in Total Biology. Each disease has a specific meaning and key-words assigned to it. To start a process of recovery it is absolutely essential to touch the suppressed feelings, mostly forgotten and unwanted and make the right connections to the disease. As a person who is experiencing a conflict usually is not aware of it (we call it a “blind spot”), working with a consultant, who has very precise tools is more effective. Especially that almost always old emotions and the time of project/purpose (pregnancy and early childhood) has to be carefully scanned.


What can I do to help myself and my closest ones?


We all can give ourselves mindfulness and courage to speak about the emotions and experiences happening NOW in our lives. Feelings are transferred by the brain to the body in the form of physical disease only if they are suppressed ad unexpressed. Every form of mindful naming and expressing your everyday stress is effective in preventing serious diseases. Meditation, praying, mantras, relaxation in silence, especially in nature, creativity, artistic expression allow you to meet your emotions, your purpose, your deep feelings. Talking about difficult situations and experiences, obstacles and challenges are equally important. You can share your feelings with your relatives, friends or a specialist. Simple “blabbing” may help you to understand your thoughts and connect you with your true feelings. It’s very precious to have someone skillful in asking the right questions, so you are led straight to psychological and biological conflicts which may be active in your life at the exact moment. You’ll be surprised how much the precise question reveals about your true feelings. If they are understood and resolved quickly, the brain don’t have to record the whole potential of emotions in the physical body in the form of a disease.


What about endometriosis?


Two basic topics should be covered in the process of resolving endometriosis’ conflict: Where is my best home? The perfect home is somewhere else. and There’s something awful in my uterus that I need to get rid of. These key-sentences can have a different meaning for every women. Many women suffering from endometriosis feel the inner must to look for another, better home, oftentimes moving to another country. This is also my personal story. I never felt at home in Poland. I lived in three countries, because I had the feeling that ‘there’ is a better home, that in the end I would feel ‘at home’ somewhere there. Moreover, I usually choose foreigners as my life partners. It allowed me to flee to other countries, both physically and emotionally. The conflict of having something awful inside my uterus was familiar to me too. My painful menstruation created a feeling of endless hatred towards my uterus. I wanted to throw it out of my body. I thought it hideous, I thought it was causing me a brutal, unbearable pain.


Frequently we find women who several times changed the place of living as children or lived in a dormitory. Some women has experienced growing up by their aunts, grandmothers, family friends or even divorce of their parents. Is my home here with my mother, or there with my father? As difficult and painful as the memories of abuse, miscarriages or abortions may be, they have to be uncovered during the therapy. This pain has to find its expression too.


There is no one single, correct interpretation, there is no pattern. What we look for is the felt feeling. Not every woman who experienced abuse or lived in many places in her life experiences endometriosis. The feeling that her home is nowhere, the urge to look for a better home all the time has to present deep inside her. The Total Biology consultant has to be creative and listen very carefully to every single word of his client, notice any changes in the tone of voice, the eyes, the gestures. As we said before, we suppress the feelings and situations associated with our disease’s conflict, because the brain usually treats them as a threat to life. That’s why we don’t have an easy, direct access to them. Total Biology is not a magic wand, it requires cooperation and readiness to meet fears, shame, unpleasant memories or unfulfilled dreams. It brings amazing results though because it touches and releases the very core of a disease, leading to healing process.


If you are to remember only one thing about Total Biology, I want you to remember this: Love yourself regardless of everything. Becoming aware of conflicts and releasing the feelings behind them may lead to recovery. The brain will no longer need the program that creates endometriosis. But in order to do it, you need to give yourself love.


Disclaimer: Total Biology and Recall Healing support the treatment process not replace it. The facilitator cannot interfere the medical treatment and doesn’t give diagnosis. It’s important to note that an official certification process takes about 2 years, includes participation in live sessions, supervisions, a final exam. The consultant gains knowledge that a beginner does not have. Working with a specialist would be the best. Ask if the consultant cooperates with a medical doctor if you are not under medical care. If you want to use the method by yourself, you take full responsibility for the results.