Complementary therapies and the importance of multidisciplinary help in treatment of endometriosis
lek. Szymon Grzywacz
  1. You promote a healthy lifestyle and advocate natural treatment and disease prevention. In your clinic you use intravenous therapies, i.e. ozone therapy, selenium infusions, vitamine C, curcumin, glutathione … On your website, you write about ozone therapy as of the treatment applicable to many diseases, among others Infertility …

I would like to refer to endometriosis, because as commonly known, infertility is its frequent consequence. Do supplementary therapies, i.e. ozone therapy, increase the chance of eliminating the disease and getting pregnant?

Answer: Fertility is one of the health functions. At the Institute of Ozone therapy, we look at the body as an entirety, we do not only focus on a specific disease. It is important to nourish the body, to supplement in appropriately (in a natural way) and a good cleansing.

Ozone has its place in the therapy thanks to mechanisms by which it works. Ozone Treatment:
– immunomodulatory function
– oxygenates the body
– germicide,  destroys viruses and fungus

Explaining from the end: ozone kills a pathological anaerobic flora and so-called atypic (Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma). Some women worry about the physiological flora of the intestine or vagina. It is much easier to debilitate by taking antibiotics (oral or vaginal, but also those contained in food) or preservatives (from food or cosmetics) hence it is worth thinking about the maximum simplification of everyday chemistry). Often, one of the problems is, for example, hidden infections, including the reproductive organ. After applying ozone therapy in our patients, we notice relief form vaginal discharge or inflammation of the private parts. In addition, it works, among others, as an inactivator of papilloma virus (HPV).

Proper oxygenation of every cell in the body is extremely important for proper metabolism (vide mitochondrial medicine). Only the oxygen pathway will produce the maximum amount of energy (measured by the amount of ATP generated in the mitochondria).

Finally, the immunomodulatory effect of ozone is to direct the immune system to the proper path. Strengthening when there are recurrent infections or chronic infection, but at the same time silencing in places where it is too “shattered”: in auto-immune diseases (the 21st-century epidemic is Hashimoto’s disease among women).

To sum up, these three areas that ozone influences definitely have a beneficial effect on improving health, including the fertility of women (but also men!)

2. Have you ever had a patient suffering from female diseases who have used ozone therapy and got pregnant?

Answer: I do not have statistics on the effectiveness of ozone therapy itself, because we always combine this method with other methods (abovementioned nutrition of the body, adequate supplementation (in a natural way) and a good cleansing).

We often include appropriate plant preparations or herbs (such as abuta, iporuru, maca, ubos)

It is a great joy for us to have several children who have conceived and were born after treating their parents at the Institute of Ozone therapy (it is always work with a couple, never with just one of potential parents). Of course, the more you have, the more you want but we must be humble. Not everyone is going to be a happy parent – let’s bear in mind that most of our patients are people who have already undergone many treatments for infertility (unfortunately ineffectively).

3. Do you think that women with endometriosis should be treated mainly by doctors with a specialization in gynecology?

Answer: The place of the gynecologist, sometimes and the patient, in the therapeutic team and the treatment of endometriosis will remain unwavering for a long time, but I am for a multidisciplinary approach. According to me, the foundation I have (internal specialization) gives the chance to integrate the recommendations of other specialists who give recommendations to women with endometriosis.

At the beginning I always try to understand the source of the problem, look for the cause of the disease. The key is not just treating the symptoms but looking at the cause. The cause of endometriosis is not fully understood so far, but for several decades the theory of immune base has been the foreground and maybe it should go to the immunologist 🙂 Generally, as I mentioned, I prefer a holistic approach to man and hence my specialization. Similarly, there is another condition that is polycystic ovary syndrome. There, not only the ovaries suffer from the disease – a serious problem is also insulin resistance, or a seemingly gynecological disease, extends its scope to endocrinology or diabetology if we would like to pigeonhole it.

In conclusion, I would like to share some thought.

I used to study embryology during my studies (the field which researches and describes the fetus’ development before childbirth) from the amazing textbook of Professor Bartel. I had a chance to meet him in person last month, after his amazing lecture about the basis of alcoholic syndrome in children (the main practical conclusion – if there is even smallest possibility that you are pregnant, even in very first days – DO NOT TAKE ANY ALCOHOL, it’s best to always use it only in very small amount.

After reading this book I realized a certain paradox. We are usually surprised that there is one or another disease or genetic defect, and we do not take into account how complicated the organism of a human being is! It is a miracle that in a healthy person everything works so fantastically and efficiently and if something breaks down … if we cannot deal with it, then we shall be humbly reconciled and notice how many other processes take place correctly …