Cabinet of Psychotherapy Ireneusz Gawkowski
About me

In my work I deal with individual psychotherapy, couples, marriages and people in partnerships. I focus on the difficulties of patients, which include experiencing suffering associated with depression, anxiety, personality disorders, life difficulties, emotional and personal difficulties, and problems in interpersonal relationships.

I conduct individual and group psychotherapy of addictions and co-addictions and the syndrome of Adult Children of Alcoholics. In group therapy, devoted to personal development (including spiritual development) I use the 12 Step Program – “Finally Live.”

I put emphasis on discovering and developing customer strengths and supporting the natural ability to cope with challenges and problems.

I am a certified integrative psychotherapist, a certified specialist in couples psychotherapy and a specialist in addiction psychotherapy.

Professional qualifications
  • Study of Psychological Assistance
  • Study of addiction Psychotherapy
  • Study of Integrative Psychotherapy in the Christian approach (four years)
  • Study of Psychological Assistance for Couples (biennial)
  • Workshops for Balint Group leaders
  • Numerous smaller training and profiled workshops
  • Addiction Treatment Clinic
  • Consultation Point in Gietrzwałd
  • Private psychotherapeutic practice
  • Probation officer
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